6 February 2014 workshops worldwide

Schedule of workshops for the near future:

2014.03.01 Düsseldorf
2014.03.12 Воронеж
2014.04.15 Краснодар
2014.04.30 Chişinău
2014.05.11 Ульяновск
2014.05.17 Nürnberg
2014.05.21 Praha
2014.06.11 Владивосток

We are open to all proposals regarding workshops worldwide. As a rule, local enthusiasts engage in organizing such events, and we really enjoy them. If you are ready to make an effort, or have an agreement with someone who is interested, please contact us to agree on the date, program and terms. We speak Russian, Lithuanian and a little Polish, so we need a translator in case the audience prefers another language.

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